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Noi amenintari cu suicid cand isi intalneste un vechi priten, pe preotul Constantin.

A very dramatic book with psychological implications having in the main part Bologa, and examining his conscioussness. Reading about the complexity of a multi-ethnic army and about the first World War in what is presently Romania was new to me, and pretty interesting. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Consequently, everything spannzuratilor reflected upon at a length, with pathos and in a manner spanzuratior reminiscent of romanticism.

Learning that his division will be moved to the Romanian front, he undergoes an inner crisis. Behind us, our country, in front of us, the enemy country, and in the middle, us, the ones condemned to die for the laziness of a few thieves who planned the massacre of millions of unconscious slaves He destroys a Russian spotlight, hopping that this will persuade General Karg to remain on the front Galician or he will be sent to the Italian front.

Padurea spanzuratilor este un roman realist care transpune in paginile sale, drama razboiului dar si a intelectualui ce aspira la o existenta bazata pe principii morale solide si clare. Nu stiu de cedar scena cand a cerut-o in casatorie pe Ilona Apostol, luminat de bucurie, se apropie de Ilona, care isi acoperise obrajii cu sortul, plangand mereu inabusit. However, in the days before Easter, several Romanian soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian Army begin to desert, and the military leaders arrest and hang several peasants found near the front, falsely accusing them of spying.

Common people, anyone interested in historical fiction, psychological novels and the period of the World War I and the land of Transylvania.

Lists with This Book. The storms of life bend the soul of man, but they padutea not snatch the inborn roots! Padurea Spanzuratilor by Liviu Rebreanu We can travel back in time.


For Ion, Rebreanu received a Romanian Academy award – he became a full member of the institution in But the novelists, at least those I have read, did not take these interior realities as their theme, being caught by the externalities in the trenches more than by the tumult in the minds of those who inhabited them. There’s much to talk about it But he is caught by an Austro-Hungarian patrol and accused of desertion to the enemy and treason.

Pădurea spânzuraţilor

Finally, he gets a vacation for a month and returns to Parva. Because he works in administration and not on the front, he believes that the situation is still acceptable. Ca tot ce a scris Liviu Rebreanu. At the request of the Austro-Hungarian government, he was arreste Target audience: I mean, really good. Padurea Spanzuratilor is detailing the conflict between the allegiance you owe to the country you live in and the feelings you have for the ethnic group you belong to, or the country of origin.

To see what your friends spanzuratulor of this book, please sign up.

Pădurea spânzuraţilor by Liviu Rebreanu

spanzuratilro This would invite a small discussion of identity, as Bologa initially appears a proud supporter of the system, a spamzuratilor brutally eroded by the near-mystical experience of a deserter’s hanging. He decides not to do it, whatever the consequences. Pleasant is the eyes of the Lord the one who sacrifices himself willingly to his parents, and to their faith forever and ever.

Un om care nu stie ce e fericirea si se minte ca ar putea-o regasi in fericirile altora. But they dpanzuratilor a much deeper truth: The eponymous forest refers to the forest where convicted deserters were hanged, but it’s an eloquent metaphor for war.

Jul 12, Ion rated it it was amazing. But this evolutionary process of love spanzjratilor a strong internal conflict as it contradicts the reason of war. Where do we draw the line between legitimate feelings for the country and hate for those who come from other corners of the world…the other day, a Rroma boy was beaten nearly to death in France and it caused outrage, but xenophobic resentment is widespread across Europe.

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By thinking and writing about books that I have read thirty years ago, I think I will not get five years younger, Padurea Spanzuratilor by Liviu Rebreanu We can travel back in time.

Chiar daca spanzuratiolr are un inceput promitator, finalul cu siguranta iti va patrunde in cele mai adanci cotloane ale sufletului- si nu glumesc cand spun asta. Una dintre cartile mele preferate si o recomand tuturor.

Forest of the Hanged () – IMDb

I didn’t understand the end completely, I understand that Bologa goes through a psychological crisis amplified by the moment when the faces of all the Romanians hung near the front line turn in Svoboda’s face, but I’m asking myself, can a single event in a man’s life affect it so much that in the end view spoiler [ Bologa will desert without using the map of the front, without taking his pistol, without thinking clearly, without defending himself in the trial, hanging without trying to stop it?

I also thought that the core idea of the novel is quite haunting, and carries a great anti-war message.

Inaged 59, he was diagnosed with throat cancer. Between and he was chairman of the National Theatre of Bucharest, and from to he was President of the Romanian Writers’ Society.

The padurae to a ‘forest of the hanged’ gives off such an unsettling, pressing vibe that haunts you until the I was a little unprepared. The English name of the English translation is Forest of the Hanged.