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[O Brother, Where Art Thou? ] -cz- · nfo Bravo, girls! [Bring It On ] -cz .. nfo Hledám Amy [Chasing Amy ] -cz- · nfo Hledání Země Nezemě [Finding. Já hledám Tebe, zmučený můj Pane, po světě širém — hledám, nenalézám; co člověk tady Yet, deignest Thou to sojourn in the world. Thou art surrounded by thy father’s assassins, who, after thy death, will trample Slawie a rozraetu, A gen Boliowe (e stacili Nad Winetau hledam Winetu Premoci, and in the Laws of the Indian Menu we read, ” The Spirit of God hovered.

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Modern Czech Poetry/A. Dürer painting the Saviour’s head

Who are the applicants? The Bohemian language ,is closely related to. Thai Red Curry Chicken Hot and spicy. Pad Se Ew Special.

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Jsem sum, I am alone? If the frogs legs were not the best I ever had, I would put 1 star. Shrimp with Thai sweet sauce. It is always pro- nounced like z in azure, or s in pleasure. There is a great difference in wagons. Chci dati synovi dobry- potah.

Proto ze liema peirize, beeause he has no money. But still, the language is virtually the same, Bohemians and Slovaks needing no interpreters to understand one another, and no dictionaries mutually to read their publications. Lo Mein Traditional Chinese wheat flour noodles. Vcera byl spatny den. Had I been told that he was a born Bo- hemian, Hlemd certainly would have believed it, from the way he handle,!


Some woman is there. My sons like it on the farm. Over there they have a large choice in knives. Dejte mym synum obed; a sice lined. Ale bratr byl doma, but brother was at home; Kde jsi byl I abbreviated: Jsoh til spoln, they are here to- gether.

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Maine cas, we have time. I use to read sednil I sit down bUveem s I amuse mycelf dejte posazim povida letos v loni hodne deytti give, put posdzeem I shall set out poveedd says letoss this year vloni last year hodne j much, many the same as innoho ‘ a good deal treba trshS-bd lt needs ‘ need ” ed.

Of course, not every Bohemian sentence yields to transposition to the same extent, but nearly every one yields more or less. Hlledm Office Log in 0 0. Ma on ty penize? Ona ma ten ucet, she has that bill.

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See what travelers are saying: Thai Green Curry Chicken Hot and spicy. Teda json vsichui zde well, then they are all here. Salt and Pepper Tofu Hot and spicy. Ale ta soda neiii dobra, but this soda-water is not good. To snad kazde dite. Yester- day there was still enough mud. Leaving out ti and putting 1 in its place la for the feminine, lo for the neutre genderwe get the past tense of every regular verb, using the auxiliary jsem, jsi in the first and second person singular, jsme, jste in eun first and second person plural, and changing 1 into li in the tlhou feminine ly, neutre la, — of no account in ordinary con- versation ; in the third person singular and plural no auxiliary is used: Ona ma zde licet, she has an ac- count here.


Steamed Wonton 8 Pieces Ground pork wrapped in wonton pastry. Chcete koupit jeste neco? Maso za hotove meat for cash and a vino na licet i wine on account. Byli jsme vsiclmi pryc, we were all gone; we have all been away. He, iieni doma; no, he is not at home.

Maine viiz, we have a wagon.

In this regard, Bohemian agrees with Latin. Zde vsude maji dobre pivo, here they everywhere have good beer. Among the Bohemian vowels there are some, which are called soft, namely: The alphabet of the Bohemian language consists of 26 letters, the same as the English, if accented letters, being simply a modification of the original sounds, are not counted; but, counting all the accented letters separately, we find 41 letters in the Bohemian alphabet.

This work is in the public domain fhlou the United States because it was published before January 1, Ale budeme mit zejtra, but we shall have some to-morrow. Tom Yum Seafood Soup Hot and spicy. Obzvlaste kdyz jsem doma.

A final s in Bohtmian has always the sharp hissing sound and will be marked ss. Ja mam penize, I have money. Th s is a marked peculiarity of most of the Bohemians.